Sunday, October 18, 2015

Technology & the bathroom scale!

Here is a prime example of how technology does not make things easier but instead, more difficult. And this is not being said from a person who is old school or who can not learn or understand technology, but instead is able to see the complexity, unreliability and the distraction it causes us because it actually complicates our lives and is actually more time consuming.

Yes, this example is going to based on bathroom scales. My, how they have changed through the years and not for the better.  For one thing, they don't last as long. So, I've gone through 3 different scales in my lifetime.

The first was a mechanical REAL scale (like a food scale) and it has lasted forever! My grandparents still use it. Never has a glitch and all you have to do is stand on it and instantly your weight is read. It's still kicking and still working. No changing of batteries, no setting any programs, no power button, no need to turn off and on & no wait time.

The 2nd scale was a digital Toshiba scale that I bought in college. So, basically many years ago...ha! It conked out today, so it had a life of about 17 years. I guess it lasted a while but not half as long as the first. Also, it had batteries, so overtime it was way more in cost then the mechanical scale. What else?...It had a power button that you could tap with your toe, which is more convenient than the power button on my present scale (we will get to that later) also, of course the power button was an added step compared to the original regular real scale. I also, had to wait for my weight reading and had to jump on at just the right time. It died recently, because it was off in weight about 6-8 lbs.  In the past, if the batteries were getting low, it would have an "L" reading giving me a warning to change them soon. Well, one morning I woke up (without seeing any "L's") and stepped on and nothing happened. I figured it was the batteries, but recalled it never gave the "L" warning. Anyway,
I  changed the batteries and stepped on. My weight was way less. The hubby tried it and his was
 too. We know it was conking out. An inaccurate weight equals a broken scale no matter how far off.  So, onto to a newer digital scale.

My husband brought home a black Taylor scale and it had been opened, had no bayyeries we had noticed. Thankfully, we had our own and it still would not work or come on when pressing the power button. So, we had to return it. Bad start for modern day digital scales.  I never heard of a person buying a mechanical scale that didn't work.  But, anyway, we went back & brought home another digital scale-a grey colored Taylor digital scale and thankfully this one worked. But the powerbutton was (as well as the other Taylor) was on the back side of the scale. So, you have to bend over (cannot tap it with your toe-very inconvenient and not less manual labor) and press the button on the back of the scale with your finger. I guess I will get a little yoga in on the am. Anyway, we went through the programming and everything and yes, we still have to press a power button-a more inconvenient one, we have to wait for the right start up signal, wait for our weight reading, wait for  our body fat reading.

My final thoughts on all of this is you can't beat the original, actual, real, mechanical scale. Scales are much like cars. It seems the 100% mechanical ones last much longer, are less costly int the long run, have no glitches, easier to repair, have less wait time bc they are simple like a closed ended question as opposed to an open ended one with a lot of meaningless fluff. It only makes me wonder and I can't help but to relate it to all facets of technology in that it's kind of ironic that in the end, that technology seems much more complicated, less dependable, less easy, more distracting, less life scale, costly, more apt to breakdown or have a glitch and just an ongoing hassle of continuous chaos. I'm not being entirely negative on modern day technology, but I am saying that it's not all it's cracked up to be. Both technology and mechanics both have their good and bad. I know that now I fall asleep playing meaningless games on my iPhone/iPad, when I used to read handheld books that helped my intellect more or at least I was learning something.  I also see how technology is more frustrating like when I'm in a bad area on my phone probing the Internet, or my phone has froze and I have to restart it, etc.
when books never caused me verges of negative mental breakdowns. Books were relaxing and
wonderful.  It's funny how technology is supposed to make our lives simpler when it actually creates more chaos.  But at the same time, this is Earth, no matter what we do, man will never create anything truly heavenly or 100% perfect. When I am frustrated with things, I remind myself of this. There will always be ying and yang on earth. That's just the way it is.

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